Luxury. Style. Comfort. Value.


A Heritage of handcrafting by skilled artisans in Brazil.
The most luxurious leathers & components are used without compromise.

Joseph and the design team work on a constant flow
of new styles current with the latest trends, yet unique in our way. 


At Marc Joseph New York, comfort is not a luxury it is a necessity.
Our sourcing specialists scour the globe to apply the most
advanced comfort technology in the market. 


As a manufacturer and family business, we deliver
the ultimate premium to our dear consumers at the best value.
        The humble beginnings of a father-son duo magically evolved into something more than just a designer brand of footwear. Marc Antebi, the father, was a successful entrepreneur with over 30 years of global business ventures ranging from manufacturing everyday products, to closing deals with CEO's of Fortune 100 companies. Joseph Antebi, the son, and Creative Director, was born and raised in NYC, and has always been a keen observer of the fast-paced world of fashion.

        Marc Joseph New York, born in 2006, was coined by combining the names of the individual founders with the brand's hometown. In a few short years, the label has grown and garnered a loyal cult-like following across the globe.

        Marc Joseph New York prides itself on offering footwear that is modern & fashionable, yet extremely comfortable and of luxurious quality... most importantly at great value! At Marc Joseph New York, every shoe is designed with an unsurpassed attention to detail. We view ourselves not just as fashion designers; but also as artists creating masterpieces. All of our products are handcrafted in Brazil by skilled artisans that have significant expertise in the precise manufacturing techniques necessary to produce the product we offer.
        We are best known for our luxurious Driving Moccasin's and Loafers however as our following grew that extended to a full Lifestyle collection of many products. Our footwear is hand- stitched and crafted from premier quality leathers using state of the art machinery and the most contemporary techniques. Our ever-evolving combination of exotic leathers, textures, and skins is a point of differentiation that has created a collecting frenzy among Marc Joseph New York fans.

        According to Joseph, the brand’s co-founder, and Creative Director, "My goal is to design shoes that are unique and distinguished in character, incorporating the use of the most luxurious hand finished leathers & components while remaining practical in every sense. My continuous direct communication with our loyal clientele keeps me in tune with what they desire and seek. I place extensive effort into making sure comfort and fit is unmatched. Each and every style is laboratory tested for its quality, comfort and wear and tear."

        The Marc Joseph New York company rests on a foundation of standards that separate and distinguish us from other brands. We were born as a family brand and we continue as such until this very day, with the majority of our employees being our brothers, sisters, nephews, and nieces. We all share similar values, ideas, and goals.

        Marc says, “This is a family business with my sons handling the day-to-day affairs. It brings me great joy to see our family brand growing and expanding every year.”

        From the first day Marc Joseph New York was established, and continuing until this day, ten percent of our proceeds are donated to charity. The company takes pride in its philanthropic ways and continues to increase its financial contributions to the less fortunate.

"Marc Joseph New York a design house born in the greatest city
giving over the best the fashion industry has to offer."