Our Story

A Legacy of Luxury

Journey of Passion and Innovation

Marc Joseph New York was founded by Marc Antebi and his son Joseph, combining their entrepreneurial spirit and creative vision to create exceptional footwear that embodies their passion and innovative approach.

Global Sensation

Since its establishment in 2006, Marc Joseph New York has garnered a devoted global following, captivating fashion enthusiasts with its extraordinary creations that transcend borders.

Fashion, Comfort, Craftsmanship

Marc Joseph New York seamlessly blends modern fashion, luxurious comfort, and meticulous craftsmanship, delivering unmatched value in every meticulously designed shoe.

Legacy of Luxury

Renowned for luxurious Driving Moccasins and Loafers, Marc Joseph New York offers a diverse Lifestyle collection crafted from premier quality leathers using contemporary techniques.

Empowered by Family

As a family business, Marc Joseph New York is united by shared values and goals, with the majority of our employees being family members who contribute to our continued success.

Born in New York

Marc Joseph New York draws inspiration from the vibrant energy and rich culture of New York, infusing it into every exquisite design, reflecting the essence of the fashion capital.