Metropolitan Sneaker Kids - Red Napa

SKU: 1099067PR-R_13

$ 99.00
Product Overview:

Bringing our luxurious and classic designs to kids, while offering standout durability & craftsmanship, the ‘Metropolitan’ is playfully elegant and classic. The genuine grainy calf leather upper is buttery soft a will mold to feet. Its elasticized laceless entry allows for easy slip/on & off fit, but designed to maintain a snug, supportive fit as well. Manufactured at our KIDS factories in Brazil that have decades of experience, these are the perfect choice balancing style & superior quality; a hard combo to find!

Product Fit: Runs true to size.

Key Features:
• Designed in NYC and crafted by skilled artisans in Brazil
• Removable densely padded footbed for support & enhanced comfort
• Genuine Calf leather upper
• Fully lined in Genuine Napa Calf leather
• 1/2 inch heel elevation
• Durable and flexible rubber sole designed to support, absorb and enhance a kid's everyday lifestyle
• Rubber sole stitched to upper for enhanced durability & support
• Elasticized laceless entry allows for easy slip/on & off fit
• Signature red tag